Alpha Nu Chapter Of  Kappa Psi Kappa Fraternity Incorporated is the chapter of  this highly regarded organization that is indigenous to the City of Brotherly Love and those areas that are in the immediate vicinity of Philadelphia.  Because of the charismatic, kind and stellar character of this chapter it is affectionately known as the "Awfully Nice' Alpha Nu Chapter.

The Alpha Nu Chapter has been in existence in the city of Philadelphia since its fraternal charter as a colony in 2004. It attained chapter status in 2006  and has been operating as a strong and thriving chapter ever since. The  brothers of this chapter take community service very seriously they have established themselves as a contributing part of society in  various neighborhoods and communities in Philadelphia as well as surrounding areas. 

Alpha NU has a strong and unmatched commitment to the fraternity. Brothers of Alpha Nu  uplift one another as well as those around them through positive support, education and of course brotherhood. The Alpha Nu chapter has been home to The Supreme President Of Kappa Psi Kappa, 1st Supreme Anti- President, 2nd Supreme Anti-President, Supreme Keeper of Exchequer, National Executive Director, Supreme Keeper Of Records and The Mid-Atlantic Regional Director. 

The Alpha Nu Chapter is currently and has been for many years the seat of The Mid-Atlantic Region of The Fraternity. We hope that you will take the opportunity to reach out to us and get to know us. Especially those gentlemen in the Philadelphia area.

The Alpha Nu Chapter of K Psi K aint nothing to mess with.

Chapter President

Brother. Wilbur Childs

Blues name: "Soldier of Faith"

Line Theme: The Essence of Apollo

Position Number: 1


Contact Information


Alpha Nu | Region 2
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Awefully Nice

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