Member Reactivation

If you have been absent from the organization and you're considering reclaiming your membership, now is the perfect time jump back in and be welcomed with open arms. 

1.Contact the 2nd Supreme President at to verify the length of your inactivity before making payment and required forms must be completed.


2. Pay the Reactivation fee 


Reactivation fee shall be $25.00 per semester plus membership dues ($53.00) for all inactive periods with a maximum time of four semesters. Members who are inactive for more than two years will be assessed a $250.00 flat reinstatement fee. 


  • Life membership reactivation: $94.00

  • Membership reactivation 1 Semester: $103.00

  • Membership reactivation 2 Semesters: $128.00

  • Membership reactivation 3 Semesters: $153.00

  • Membership reactivation 4 Semesters: $178.00

  • Membership reactivation more than 2 years: $278.00


The Second Supreme Anti-President